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The Russellville Voice is a publication to unite the people of Russellville. We will share and feature the content that is important to the readers and listen carefully to their feedback. We are not an island but only a voice for the people of Russellville.

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This is YOUR publication. YOU create the content in the Russellville Voice ONLINE then we share that content in our printed newsletter. This way we save costs and give the reader a unique and interactive experience.


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The Russellville Voice is a community project created and used by the people of Russellville. This project will be manifest in print and online at


The way that articles/posts in The Russellville Voice will work is that each story/post or article begins with a catchy photo followed with a great headline. If either or both entice the reader to check out more, there is a handy keyword that they can text to get to the rest of the article. If they are not interested, they can easily check out the next story by looking at the adjacent photo.

This way money is saved by not printing articles and content that the reader didn’t care to read.
Furthermore, when the reader does find an article of interest to check out more, we can serve them so much more than just text on a page. Multimedia options such as video, polls, comment forms and more are available to our online readers.


Print is far more engaging than social or electronic mediums BECAUSE it is easier to access. Once you see a printed product, you pick it up and interact with it immediately. Online mediums need to be accessed (pull out of pocket, go to a website, click a link, etc) You can see a photo in a printed publication and read the headline right away. Besides there are millions of websites, but only a few printed publications. 

Furthermore, social media is inundated with ads from just about everybody. Your ads on social media are quickly buried, lost and forgotten, while print ads are always in front of your face and continue to work months and even years later.


Russellville and the world as a whole are very divided more so now than ever. America has always been divided to some extent, but it’s worse now because of the appeal of social media.

Before social media, it really meant something to get your name/photo in the newspaper or on the radio or even on TV because everybody engaged with those mediums, but now those mediums are all but forgotten because of our continual use of social media platforms.

Those business models didn’t fail only because of social media, but because they were/are frankly irrelevant and just plain boring.

Not the mediums, but the content.

Which is more exciting? Content that is provided by friends and social groups, humor that your friends and family find funny, posts and questions from groups that you are currently engaged with or black and white photos and articles about sports, business and politics?

I’m sure you can see how the current print models can’t compete with social media. Not because of the medium of print, but because of the way these other businesses conducted their operations.


The Russellville Voice is a group project.

When you look at your social media newsfeed, what do you see? If yours is like mine, you see jokes, color photos of funny things shared by friends, inspirational quotes, local videos, local food items, etc.

Let’s focus on the newspaper. When you pick up a newspaper, what do you see? National news (and many times that is bent in a particular pollical direction) business news, sports and city government. And what about the photos? They are often blurry and black and white. 

Which of the two are more interesting to you?

These businesses are dying because of the poor content options they offer. The articles are boring & pointless or just out of touch with what readers wanted.

The content of the Russellville Voice will be provided by you, your peers and your friends. Think of it like a mix between a newspaper and social media. 

The photos will be of things, people and places that you care about, because you will share them. The articles will be interesting to you because your friends wrote them. The stories will be interesting to them because you wrote them. 


The Russellville Voice will be published once a month, with email and text updates weekly or as often as new content is created in the Voice. 


There will be two options 


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