Things that the Russellville Animal Control Facility needs.

We reached out to Russellville Animal control today to ask them what they could use and how we could help.They said that they would appreciate the help and gave me a list of the kind of things they use often and could use help with. This is the list.

Food-Dog food, Cat food
Litter for cats.
Litter Scoops
Laundry Soap. They said they go through allot of laundry soap washing dog bedding.
money of course
and any dog related donations really.
They said they can use just about anything. So if you have some of these items around your home or if you want to pick something up next time you visit the grocery store, go by Russellville animal control to give your donations.The animal control is at 3115 S. Mobile Ave. Russellville, AR 72801. You can call them at 479-968-1944

Thanks for your help!