Woof, Woof, Woof!

Picture this: You are a small pomeranian. You are tan, and your tail is curled up. You’re adorable. 

You’re waking up with morning snuggles from your two mommies. You are giving mommies kisses, and wagging your tail so rapidly it is thudding on mommy’s pillow! 

Time to get up. You go outside and go potty with your two sisters and return to the porch for your “potty treat” because you are spoiled rotten! 

You are inside the house now your sisters, and you want to play toys! “Where’s your toy”, mommy says. You run and get your favorite cow! Sisters are playing tug-a-war and you are playing fetch with mommy, with “moo cow”, of course!

Life is good. You get 3 meals a day, a place to sleep at night to keep warm, snuggles every morning with parents who love you. You celebrate your birthday every year with cake and ice cream, have your own stocking on the warm mantle on Christmas Day. You are loved. You feel loved.

Wouldn’t you love to be Kovu? 🐾

What Are Giant Bettas? (Quick Read)

What are giant bettas? You probably haven’t heard of a giant betta before.

Well, in this article I’ll explain what a giant betta really is.

What Are Betta fish

Betta fish are a beautiful fish found in Thailand.

They come in so many colors that you’re almost guaranteed to find a color variation you love.

They also have beautiful fins that come in many shapes and sizes.

What Are Giant Bettas

They are exactly what they are called; giant bettas!

Yep, they are just a very large betta fish. In fact, they can get up to 6 inches in length!

They look almost exactly the same as normal betta fish, but they’re just very large.

They come in the same colors, have the same fins and even act the same, Giant bettas aren’t as beginner friendly however, so keep that in mind.


Giant bettas are really just giant bettas. They both look very similar, but giant bettas are much larger.

They can actually get 6 inches long, so they will need a larger tank than a average betta (king betta) would.

Best Tank Size For Chili Rasboras? (Quick Read)

The chili rasbora is a neat fish. These little guys are super tiny and they really don’t need a large aquarium.

If you’re here, you’re probably wondering what’s the best tank size for chili rasboras. If you are, this is just the article for you! Let’s begin.

What’s The Best Tank Size For Chili Rasboras?

By Atulbhats – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=73849319

Saying that Chili rasboras are so tiny, they don’t need a large tank — at all.

In fact, these little guys can live in tank as small as five gallons.

Of course, if you want a lot of them, you’re going to need a large tank. But, if you just want a handful of these little guys, they should do fine in a 5 gallon.

How Many Chili Rasboras Can I Keep In A 5 Gallon?

You can keep up to 10 chili rasboras in a 5 gallon tank.

Although it sounds like a lot, they are very small so you can keep a lot of them in a 5 gallon.

If you want, you could always get a larger tank and get even more so you can have a huge school. But, that’s really up to you.

How To Care For Chili Rasboras

Of course, you always need to know how to care for the fish you’re planning to keep.

As you know already, you don’t need a large tank as they’re so small.

I recommend reading this article about chili rasboras if you want to know how to care for them.


Chili rasboras don’t need a large tank, in fact they can even live in a 5 gallon!

It’s mainly because of their small size. These little guys don’t even get a inch in diameter!