Ugly Sweater

Ugly Sweater Contest

The Holiday season isn’t complete without some of us showing off those ugly sweaters but this year, we’re adding a special twist. Share your ugly sweater photo, share it via social media and you could earn $5.

Here’s how it works.

STEP1: Fill out the form below

STEP2: After you fill out the form and submit it for approval, you will see it on this same page below the form under “Ugly Sweater Submissions”. Click it, then share it all around in groups and on your own social media feed. You can use the handy share tool on your post.

STEP3: If you’re submission has the most views (no voting) then you win. You will be paid via paypal.

Contest duration is between December 12. 2021 through December 18, 2021

That’s it. Let the Holidays begin.

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