Pho soup P7

The absolute best Pho soup around is at Linh’s Vietnamese restaurant off of Knoxville. It is so good! I ordered the P7. This is the small and it is the size of a large you would get at other restaurants in Texas. The largest are massive so be careful if you order one. Ha! I can’t even finish a small. You can’t tell from this pic how big the bowl really is, but the red cup behind it is a very large cup and it looks small compared to the šŸ„£ bowl. Hope that helps.. The portions of all of the food at Linh’s are of very good size. I also love their spring rolls, egg roll salad, fried rice, vermicelli dishes, and Boba teas. It is all so good and super fresh! If you haven’t been by, give them a try. A very nice family owns the restaurant and the food is fantastic

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